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Ma Beachie

Courtesy of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
Business Woman
Beachie Howard, known as Ma Beachie to many, ran one of the most popular clubs in Russell County. Located on the outskirts of Phenix City, Beachie's Swing Club had strippers, gambling and liquor.

Acts of Kindness
"Ma" was known to have helped soldiers keep track of their money by holding it for them as they patronized her nightclub.

Often they would hand it to her themselves, but when a soldier was too inebriated to do it himself he would wake the next morning to find a note in his pocket from Ma telling him how much he had and that she was holding it for him.

Just A Way to Make A Living
Ma owned three rental properties across the street form her nightclub. While Ma claimed ignorance of what her renters did for income, it was common knowledge that many of them were prostitutes who would pick up clients in her club.

A Good Sport
After the clean-up Ma Beachie had a cameo role in Phil Karlson's The Phenix City Story.

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