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Agriculture is much more important to the state of Florida than most people realize. According to the website, Florida is the nation's 9th leading state for agricultural production. Not only that, agriculture in the state employs an average of 57,000 farm workers per month. These workers directly impact $20 billion of the state economy, and indirectly impact $55 billion.


Florida produces 76% of the oranges grown in the US, and in 1998 produced over 1.6 billion gallons of citrus juice. Florida is also the leading milk producer in the Southeast and sold $1.3 billion of livestock in 1998.

By looking at these few statistics, it is clear that the agriculture industry in Florida is extremely important to the well-being of the state. However, the problem remains that many Floridians are uninformed about just how important it actually is.

This is why the marketing of agriculture is extremely important. The marketing of Florida's agriculture goes beyond trying to sell its products. People in the state need to understand the economic impact that agriculture has on the state in the same way that they understand the impact of tourism.

For more statistics about Florida agriculture, visit the reference page.



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