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Fresh From Florida Campaign

Purpose of the Campaign.

According to, the purpose of this campaign is to "boost the image of Florida agriculture and increase sales by helping consumers easily identify Florida-grown and produced agricultural products at retail stores."

This campaign, called the Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign (FAPC), is focused on raising general public awareness about the importance of Florida agriculture. This makes the purpose of this campaign different than the Food for Thought campaign in because it does not focus on a single group of people.

Who is running the campaign?

The Florida Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services was authorized by the Legislature in 1990 to implement the campaign. An advisory council of representatives from all segments of the industry oversee the direction of the campaign.

What does the campaign involve?

This campaign involves the spreading of an emblem. Television, outdoor advertising, newspapers, magazines and point of purchase advertisements are all used to get people to relate the Fresh From Florida logo to quality agricultural products. Producers and distributors that meet certain standards are able to display this logo on their respective products.

By doing this, sales are promoted while promoting a positive image of agriculture in Florida.

Promotional Posters
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