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Food For Thought Campaign

Purpose of the campaign.

According to, the purpose of this campaign is to "help foster a better understanding about the importance of agriculture to Florida's economy."

This campaign is not as broad as the Fresh From Florida campaign. Instead of focusing on raising awareness and increasing sales in the general public, this campaign is focused more on promoting knowledge of how important Florida agriculture is to urban citizens as well as rural.

Who is running the campaign?

Both the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and the Florida Farm Bureau have a part in this campaign. Farm Bureau is providing the funding while the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is providing advertising and marketing services.

What does the campaign involve?

As of now, the campaign consists of three commercials that focus on the affordability of food, the importance of maintaining a secure food source, and the abundance, variety and safety of Florida's agricultural products. (View commercials below)

In the future, the campaign will expand to other outlets such as radio, outdoor advertising, magazines, newspapers, etc.

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