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One of the benefits of Remember the Titans being a newer movie is the bonus material available on DVD's. Somel of these inaccuracies were pointed out on the audio commentary by the real Coach Herman Boone and Coach Bill Yoast while others came from the '71 Original Titans website.

  • Coach Yoast had 4 daughters, not just the one, though Sheryl was one of his daughters names. She is a combination of all four girls.
  • Coach Boone had 3 daughters, not just 2.
  • Gerry Bertier's accident came after the season was complege. He did play in the state Championship game.
  • T.C. Williams was not the first school in Alexandria to be integrated. George Washington was. TC was the first integrated football team.
  • There was not a huge brawl started by Julius and Gary at camp.
  • The first opponent of the season was Herndon, not Hayfield, though the Titans did play Hayfield during the 1971 season.
  • The team did not "dance" its way onto the field or dance during stretching at any point in the season
Remember the Titans opened to great reviews in 1999. Read Roger Ebert's review from the Chicago Sun-Times. Ross Anthony of Hollywood Report Card also reviewed Titans in 1999.
  • Petey was removed from offense and put on defense during practice, not in the middle of a game.
  • Louis Lastik was not as big, nor was he as outspoken or as funny as the actor who portrayed him
Listen to Trevor Rabins, Titans Spirit (Score).
  • No opposing coaches called Coach Boone a monkey during the season. Therefore, he did not give any opposing coaches a banana following a game. The scene sproouted from one opposing coach saying all Titan players were dogs in a pregame speech to get his own players fired up.
  • Bertier's accident involved his car striking a telephone pole, not getting hit by a truck. He was driving home from the post-season banquet.
  • Also he was paralyzed from the chest down, not the waist down.
  • The state final wasn't won on the last play of the game. (Titans won 27-0 while the defense held Andrew Lewis High to -5 yards total offense.)
  • The characters of Emma Hoyt (Gerry's girlfriend), Coach Tyrell, Alan Bosley and Ray Boggs were fictitious.
  • Sunshine did not kiss Gary in the locker room
  • The team did not run at 3 AM at Gettysburg

The two coaches also confirmed that other scenes in the movie did in fact take place.

  • Coach Boone did refuse the job at first because he felt he was only hired because of his race and he had just been turned down in North Carolina because of his race.
  • Coach Boone threw up before every game (it is only depicted before the season opener.)
  • Players did petition to get Coach Yoast his job back and they did talk him into staying.
  • Though there was tension at first, Yoast and Boone did become good friends.
  • Bertier did participate in the Wheelchair Olympics.

Actual Titans results
19-0 vs. Herndon
25-0 vs. Yorktown
26-7 vs. Hayfield
25-0 vs. Jefferson
21-16 vs. Marshall
29-0 vs. Groveton
34-0 vs. Madison
34-0 vs. W & L
27-0 vs. Wakefield
26-0 vs. Ireton
28-0 vs. Annandale
36-14 vs. W.Wilson
27-0 vs. A. Lewis

Team avg. 319 yards/game on offense and gave up 113. Defense forced 34 turnovers.

Watch clips of the real Titans games from 1971. (all clips from '71 Original Titans website)

Vs. Yorktown
Vs. Andrew Lewis
Vs. Annandale

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