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There are 2 major differences between Lane's life and the movie 8 Seconds. First of all, By all accounts, Cyde Frost, lane's father, is no where near as stubborn and removed as he is portrayed by the film. Second, it is unclear whether Lane and Kellie actually ever cheated on each other. Martin Hudson, the man with who Kellie's character had an affair in the movie does not exist in real life. Lane's character has an affair while on the road with a fan" played by a young Renee Zellweger (Jerry Maguire). The Frost's never did divorce and according to the official Lane Frost website, they did separate for a brief time in 1988 but it was because of Lane's traveling and not because of infidelities.


Although 8 Seconds has had a successful run on video and cable TV, the box office numbers were low and original reviews were mixed. Read Roger Ebert's 1994 review from the Chicago Sun-Times; Marc Savlov's Austin Chronicle review; or Scott Weinberg's review on the Apollo Guide.

Other minor differences include:

  • Lane grew up in Utah until he was 14 (1978) and then the family moved to Oklahoma. The movie implies he always lilved in Oklahoma.


Listen to Bill Conti's classical piece title Lane's Theme.
  • Cody Lambert didn't write poetry as he did throughout the movie. However, the "Cowboy is his Name" poen he recites toward the end is a shorter version of a poem titled "Legacy of a Rodeo Man" by Baxter Black
  • Lane and Kellie were married at United Methodist Church in Quannah, TX, (Jan. 5, 1985) not at her parents ranch or in 1984.
  • Lane rode 9 of 10 bulls at the National Finals Rodeo in 1986, not in 1987.
  • In fact, Lane's failure to ride the 10th bull (Red Rock) in 1986 clinched the title for Tuff Hedeman. The movie implies that Lane won a title first and Tuff didn't get his until 1989.
  • Lane didn't clinch the 1987 Championship until he rode the 10th and final bull
  • The "Challenge of Champions" between Lane and the bull Red Rock was actually a series of 7 matches in California, Oregon and Utah - not just 3 attempts in Texas as in the movie. (Lane rode the vaunted bull 4 of the 7 times.)
  • Tuff did not rent a plane before Lane's death.
  • Cody Lambert was no longer traveling with Lane & Tuff in 1989.
  • Kellie was not present when Lane was killed in Cheyenne.
  • Lane has an older sister, Robin and younger brother Cody who were not mentioned in the movie.

On the other hand, these things did in deed happen:

  • Kellie and Lane's parents did attend the 1989 Finals to accept the "Coors Favorite Cowboy award" for Lane
  • Tudd did win the 1989 Championship and he did stay on the last bull an extra 8 seconds in a tribute to Lane.
  • Lane did wear a feather in his hat, and he did wave both hands after a successfull ride.
  • Kellie was also there when Lane finally rode Red Rock
  • Lane and Kellie were looking to buy a new ranch (ironically their loan was approved the day of Lane's funeral.

The Soundtrack to 8 Seconds is loaded with stars from the world of country music including Reba McEntire, Brooks & Dunn, Vince Gill, and Billy Dean. In fact, Brooks & Dunn, Gill, Terry McBride and Karla Bonoff have singing cameos in the film

The two major songs are Dean's Once in a While and McEntire's If I Had Only Known which are both played during the final credits.

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