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Cast & Credits:
Lane Frost: Luke Perry
Kellie Frost: Cynthia Geary
Tuff Hedeman: Stephen Baldwin
Clyde Frost: James Rebhorn
Elsie Frost: Carrie Snodgrass
Cody Lambert: Red Mitchell
Martin Hudson: Linden Ashby
George Michael: Himself
Director: John G. Avildsen
Prodcuer: Michael Shamberg
Writer: Marte Merrick
CoProdcuer: Toni Mark
Studio: New Line Productions
Release Date: February 25, 1994
Running Time: 1 hour, 37 minutes

8 seconds poster

Awards & Nominations:



lane rides Red Rock


Director John G. Avildsen's "8 Seconds" is the true story of the meteoric rise and all-too-brief career of Lane Frost, the youngest national champion bull rider in history. Luke Perry stars as Lane, a shy but popular young bull rodeo rider whose gutsy determination catapults him to stardom. As Lane gains a winning reputation, he meets and falls in love with Kellie (Cynthia Geary), a spirited, beautiful young horsewoman. After a passionate courtship, the two young rodeo riders get married. Kellie looks after Lane and sacrifices her own freedom to be his devoted wife, but the pressures of Lane's career soon take their toll. Kellie is often left alone while Lane continues to ride the circuit with his longtime friends and competitors, including three-time rodeo champion Tuff Hedeman (Stephen Baldwin). Lane faces his ultimate challenge attempting to ride Red Rock, a dangerous bull known for his cunning intelligence. The movie follows Lane and Kellie through a tumultuous breakup and reconciliation only to have Lane's life cut short in action in Cheyenne in 1989. The movie culminates with the 1989 finals, won by Hedeman in which he pays tribute to his fallen partner.

the real Lane Frost

Photo taken from E-bay auction of Lane Frost signed memorabilia on Nov 25, 2002..

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