Student projects

Spring 2005 , MMC 3260
Randi Bernfeld Allergic to cold
Michael Bollinger All about New York City
June Cappiello A virtual tour of Japan
Jaci Charney-Perez Serial killers
Darci Cohen Veganism: a new life
James Cooper Military history of aviation
Jessica Crossfield Interpretations of treasure
Michael Hill Role-player-games evolution
Neil Hughes The NHL lockout
James Kunkel College football preview
Sony LaVenture Haitian coVerage
Katy Layton The importance of early literacy
Glenda Luft Meditation
Melissa Osterer Resort destinations
Cher Phillips Behind dangerous minds
Risa Polansky Sororities: below the surface
Jonathan Requesens Web comics: an investigative report
Brett Roegiers Independent music and the Internet
Matt Sanchez Genre fiction as literature
Brian Shaffer Muhammad Ali: the greatest
Dustin Shullick Religious minorities in the Muslim world
Ghazal Vafabakhsh Belly dancing: art and exercise
Spring 2005 , MMC 5015
Erik Hofmeyer Journalist's guide to blogging
Ben Holtzclaw A guide to homebrewing
Mario Rodriguez Robot Exposition
Lynn Schultz Does sex addiction exist?
Sylvia Torres Tools for schools
Sarah Urriste New media weblogs
Allie Wilson "War of the Worlds" broadcast

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