Student projects

Fall 2005 , MMC 3260
Justin Brownlee History of NFL uniforms
Lauren Christ Secrets of the Secret City
Christine Cusatis Creativity and Mental Illness
Chris Davis Introduction to Relativity
Lauren DeLucia Global Warming and Climate Change
Evelen Escoto Study of Language and Its Effects on Equality
Barbara Flores Yanira Sosa, Sculptor
Laura Fowler Jimmie Buffett's Parrotheads
Stephanie Fraiman The Israeli Wars
Melissa Garcia The Benefits and Risks of Drinking Alcohol
Libby Greene Princess Diana
Amy Hanna Tea Off: Health Benefits of Different Teas
Adrienne Harris Music of Gainesville
Lizzie Holman The Skinny on Fat
Lisa Hope The Seven Deadly Sins
Genie Kim Cardiovascular disease
Danielle Levy Yoga
Andy Lewis An Analysis of Teach for America
Stephanie Lewis The Disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa
Eric Lubarsky Sonata-Allegro Form
Ana Maria Malpartida Vegetarianism
Kelly Mangan Independent Media
Diana Mazzella Visiting Ireland
Liz Morse The Life and Climbs of Jon Krakauer
Jen Pfaff Piano Notes
Heather Romans The Women of Final Fantasy
Elissa Rosen American Sign Language
Stephanie Rosenblatt Conveying Emotion Through Color
Rachael Ryals Evolution of Listening to Music
Chad Smith The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
Reshelle Smith Gainesville Rockathon
Stephanie Snyder Insomnia
Jessica Tanner  
Rebecca Van Cour N.E.R.D.
Rachael Wilk Music Festivals, Past and Present
Andrew Wilson Theory of a Cashless Society

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