Student projects

Spring 2004 , MMC 3260
Elizabeth Artigas The Myth of Genius
Stephen Bamonte Prescription drug abuse among students
Amy Blunden Thought refuge
Veronica Britton Surfing: The sport of kings
Seantee Campbell Tourism in Jamaica
Bridget Carey College students and caffeine dependence
Amanda Chapman Need answers? Weddings, etc.
Melanie DeJesus What is culture shock?
Chelsea Ellis How to become president in two years
Sarah Fields Public relations campaigns on the Internet
Justin Hemlepp Drug policy reform
Kim Hutto A student's tour of Greece
Nick Lipari The story of pizza
Melisa Llanes Dillon Maurer: MC Intellekt
Cristy Loftis UF's Southern Scholarship Foundation
Melanie Marquez Returning home after studying abroad
Laura McCommons Ovarian cancer: The silent killer
Kelliann McDonald Feng Shui
Shari McLean African Dance in the Diaspora
Janine Mojica Saving lives with vehicle extrication
Paulette Perhach The truth about pet food
Claudia Ramirez PR Hispanic
Courtney Rapps Addiction to cough suppressants
Chantal Raymond Reggae through the years
Catherine Smith Paw Prints: Find the perfect pet
Jennifer Vance A brief history of newspapers in America
Alice Wallace A unique university: Favorite sites at UF
Spring 2004, MMC 5015
Alisabeth Black Las Vegas: The adult playground
Susan Douglas Stereotypes of homosexuals on television
Jason Feola Conspiracies on Campus
Laura Fiorilli Highway 64: Shipwrecks to Ship Rock
Christine Hale The straight poop on Clear Channel
Matthew Mussett How Internet poker is changing the game
Anna Paquet South Florida's Biscayne Aquifer
Courtney Rick Uncovering the truth: Freedom of Information
Mike Tyler Ancient Greeks and Romans

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