Student projects

Spring 2004 , MMC 3260
Elda Auxilliare The search for love
Jennifer Beckett Raw foods
Adam Berry Depression options and treatments
Douglas Carman Impact of Lord of the Rings on role playing games
Kate Collins The history of dating
Daniel Cuervo Diamond smart
Jacqueline Davison Alternate views on file sharing
Anne DiNapoli Manx cats
Krystle Fernandez The mysteries of gossip
Stacy Gimble The Internet and public relations
Tina Hasko Movies: Behind the lens
Jenna Hodgkiss Pilates and what sets it apart
Beth Jenkins Teaching children to swim
Dan Jimmerson Back to the pond: The NHL strike
Elizabeth Kim Fast food and obesity
Jill Lederman Aviators: The epitome of cool
Lauren Lewis Phobias
Steve Magruder How the Alligator newsroom works
Morgan Moeller Are the Times changing?
Jessica Phillips History of the printing press
Heidi Reed Friends: Where are they now?
Jeff Ross The American flag
Monica Ross Copyright law basics
Matt Rotchas Evolution of sports video games
Shoshanna Scherer Dance through the ages
Jennifer Tucker Life with epilepsy
Chris White Historic Hernando County
Lindsay Wilson Photography in a digital age
Spring 2004, MMC 5015
Patti Casey Winemaking in Florida
Jessica Gordon Natural eats
Jesse Hilton Ancient Egyptian Mythology
Kristina Muzaurieta Everything Halloween

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