Student projects

Fall 2003, MMC 3260
Amy Appleton File sharing: history, methods, risks consequences
Mary Bishop Christmas: A worldwide celebration
Ronnie Boxx Gator basketball
Terry Brady Thomas Edison: genius in our back yard
Katie Brandon France: a culinary journey
Rocco Castoro  
Jennifer Cheveallier Music and the ghetto
Ashley Cisneros A look at breast cancer
Brian Davis  
Laura Davis Journalism and Communications ambassadors
Craig Dawson NFL player celebrations: a changed game
Donna Dixon Exploring Cuba
Kristin Ede Paynes Prairie: trails, birds and animals
Steve Erickson E-commerce: How the 'Net changes the way we make purchases
Laura Figueroa Multi-cultural Greek organizations
Cherise James Jamaica
Katherine Kowsh Gainesville musicians
Kristin Landreville Project blog
Elizabeth Marum Blawgs: the next generation of weblogs
Tri Nguyen Dear Diary: the Livejournal weblogs
Kari Pfeiffer Walking tour of Salamanca
Yanilka Pimentel Changes of the airline industry, 1970-today
Mary Poole Confessional cuture daily
Sheryl Rosen The 2004 Democratic presidential candidates
Summer Smith Euphenisms of free trade
Raina Strampello  
Tracy Swartz Learning on the Web
Nick West  
Spring 2003, MMC 5015
Mary Fallon Fast horses of Marion County
Matt Levitch Indigeneous people and oil in Ecuador
Joey Machado The 1994 NHL lockout
Elizabeth Peters The Civil War: not civil at all
Jen Serra There's something about Harry (Potter)
Dave Stanton Beaches of Martin County
Cherie Stull Fair trade coffee resource
Jason Working They fought, too: animals in combat

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