Student projects

Spring 2002, MMC 3260
Mickey Aldridge Florida's diminishing biodiversity
Kim Anderson The role of public relations in society
Julie Bacon AnaLine: Analysis of online media
Arleene Barrios Barbie: Not just a plastic doll
Danielle Devore The tarot realm
David Fox Bootleg music on the Internet
Angela Guzman The women of Afghanistan
Christina Hall Tokyo: broaden your horizons 
Charlie Harrison The world of public relations
Eric Hastie Journalism graduate schools in America
Carly Hermanson Scotland
Racquel Hessing Breaking down the color barriers in tennis
John Holland American eugenics movement
Anthony LaFerrera The lowdown on emo
Matt Lilley The March of Dimes Collegiate Council 
Janessa McMullian Children and television
Natalie Mitchell Stereotypical images in the media 
Amanda Patton Communication aspects of international PR
Doug Pearson The average fan's guide to NCAA sports
Oicenth Phang Web media credibility
Lory Pounder Alternative medicine: make healthy choices
Jennifer Quattrone Do manatees go to heaven?
Josh Rabinowitz PRPR: Public relations and public records
Sarah Rogover The war of words on terrorism
Carla Rojas Can art heal?
Rodrigo Samsing Buying a home via the Internet
Nicholas Talbot Heavenly Hepburn: For love of Audrey
Shelley Weissbaum Public relations: the law and the code of ethics 
Christina White Dr. Seuss: For children or adults?
Jeff Wilk Firefighters: A Web comparison
Shawn Wilson Tobacco: losing the media war? 
Alex Zaki Journalism Deathmatch
Spring 2002, MMC 5015
Denise Bortree Guidelines for producing Web content
Angela Brammer Insects on film
Vanessa Bravo Hispanics on the Web
Amanda Chandler Stereotyping in the media
Samantha Chattoraj The Devadasi system in India
Amanda Holt Public relations ethics
Deborah Jackson Ethics in sports media
Michele Jones Online media in the 21st Century
Anne Klockenkemper The media, teens and sex
Paula Ouder Facing the odds: How J.D. Dixon lives with Goldenhar's syndrome
Nancy Parish Sports philanthropy
Sandra Rezola With liberty and justice for some
Stina Schoneck Disney: A man, a mouse and a vision
Nicholas Ward Wireless networking

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