Student projects

Spring 2001
Heather Anderson Internet Communications
Jackie Bala Nutrition 101
Tanya Beatty Tobacco: Italy vs. the U.S.A.
Mara Benjamin Clearinghouse on Human Services
Matt Blake Bob Dylan: All You Have to do is Dream
Bill Bunting Online Sports Journalism
Brian Burkhalter The Napster Controversy
Carissa Carli An Insight Into Allstate
Neelum Chandra Careers in Public Relations
Ivanna Chebli The Portrayal of Arabs in American Media
Amy Colson Public Relations Research
Denise deClair Evolution of Distance Education
Elizabeth Denlinger Genetically Modified Organisms
Adrienne deNoyelles When Words Divide
Nik DiGiacomo Direct Marketing Education Foundation
Jennifer Falor Popular Culture on the Internet
Sheila Fridman Public Relations at a Glance
Rebecca Gangnagel Supplementing Your Running
Amy Geibel How to Deal With a PR Crisis
Todd Goldstein The Inside Information About Online Trading
Sophia Goode Can a Minor Make a Bomb Using the Internet?
Malik Grady Do you know what you're searching for?
John Hayes Crisis Management in Public Relations
Shelley Henwood The Roads to Public Relations
Melissa Hilliard Intro to the Internet and Public Relations
Jennifer Hogue Effective Crisis Management
Amy Holtzman The Online Clipping Revolution
Jane Inouye Keeping Personal Information Private
Hanjun Ko How Advertising Works
Mike Linn Literary Journalism: A Series of Book Reviews
Jazmin Linsenbaum What is Napster?
Lisa Lundy How to Write an Effective Grant Proposal
Elena Marrero Technology for Non-Profit Organizations
Natalie Maxwell Women and Body Hair
Tom Melba The Florida Marlins
Alyson Miller Public Relations on the Internet
Audra Milligan Eugenics: The Science of Racism
Julie Morrison Public Relations Crisis Management
Elizabeth Nabi Florida Scholastic Press Association
Christina Newsome Public Relations in Japan
Courtney Petersen A Look at Public Relations
Claude Poux Cultural Imperialism
Andrew Ragsdale Kicking Butts: Difficulties in Trying to Quit Smoking
Mandy Ridenoure Redefining the Music Industry
Danielle Riley South Florida Crime Fiction
Gian Rodriguez The Internet and Sports Communication
Amar Shah E-Books: Reading is Digital -- or is It?
Sara Shakula Sports Arenas: For the Love of the Game or Money?
Erin Shaw Microsoft's Battles in Court
Greg Sheaffer Bottom Line Journalism
Janeen Smith A Shift in the Practice of Public Relations
Jenn Smith NHL Internet Marketing
Jennifer Sneddon Teenager Internet Safety
Merlix Stone Organics: What Consumers Should Know
Annie Strickler Energy Resources on the Web
Lashone Surrency Parenting in the New Millennium
Tamika Vinson The Sister Series
Adam Warrington Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Age
Chase Weikal PR Practitioners and Their Methods
Amy Wellman The Enemy Within: What Every Woman Should Know About Endometriosis
Ryan Wilder The 1919 World Series: Baseball's Biggest Scandal
Alexa Woell Free Press/Fair Trial

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