Student projects

Spring 2000
Camille Broadway Internet credibility
Michelle Calcote Communications in Latin America
Carrie Duda Search engine rankings
Jackie Flynt Animal welfare on the Internet
Michael Galvin The E-commerce environment
Melissa Harrison Photography by design
Adria Hatfield Attention Deficit Hyperacitivity Disorder
Carter Hillstrom New media vs. the world
Lisa Hornaman Internet addiction
Sarah Hyde The Zapatistas speak online
Jack Karlis MP3: The future is here...
Paul Kimpel Dietary supplements: Do they help?
Al Laranjeiro Foreign correspondents
Nora McKenzie The world of online auctions
Bonnie Overbeck Online plagiarism
Maggie Parsons U.S. international broadcasting services
Jeff Peacock Communications in Forbes 500 companies
Edouard Rollet Internet and computer security
Elena Sadler Hispanics in the U.S. media
Maria Santos Puerto Rico Community Foundation
Christi Scherler The Internet as a tool in agriculture
Manuswita Singh Indian cuisine: Chutney & Curry
Gerbert Jan Valk The Dutch television system
Molly Van Wagner Birth of the modern-day midwife
Nicia Walsh Organ and tissue donation

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