Student projects

Fall 2000
Ashanti Allen Good Behavior: A documentary thesis project
Ila K. Allen Florida Strawberry Growers Association
Janice Abrew Travel & tourism online
Laura Biller Internet advertising
Noah Bleicher Applying to law school
Alexis A. Clark Nuclear power: What do students know?
Oscar Collazos Is Napster good or bad?
Charles Cote A breakdown of official sports sites
Aoife Cregan Ethics in public relations
Angela Delgado Electronic media and the new horizon of international communication
Craig Feinberg Israeli-American relations
David Friedman Dave's guide to job gettin'
Kristie Gibbons Real estate invades cyberspace
Anthony M. Hill The bottom line on online finance
Tyson Hoyman Multi-player online gaming
Wonpyo Kang Web advertising
Loretta Keith Body modification
Daphne Landers TeleHomeCare
Whitney Lapolla From boob tube to telecomputer
Fang Liu Youth, tobacco and the Internet
Deanna Locke Linking Florida oranges to the world
Cherie Marcus The thinning of women on television
Rana Martin Promoting documentaries on the Web
Gary Mattingly African-American  television anchors
Robin Maxey A life's work: William R. Maples
Jamie McAtee AOL: A history
Amy Morris Convergence
Jarrett Nasca The practice of public relations
Colleen Neidig Public relations and the WNBA's Washington Mystics
Andy Oliver Internet addiction: Causes, symptoms and consequences
Jason Osder The Turing revolution
Jessica Plung Domain name dilemmas and other things that suck
Courtney Reese High school students' censorship and the Internet
Michelle K. Runyon Marketing your non-profit online
Sung Wook Shim Internet advertising
Leslie Sims PR blunders exposed
Brett Steinberg Napster: The Internet law controversy
Angela Dean Vigil Cannonball Adderly
Houston Wells Zines and the Web

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