Student projects

Spring 1998
Sarah Bembry The net: Lighthouse to the truth
Jeff Brand Beach guide to slower lower Delaware
Joe Brand Fat Tuesday ad
Christopher R. Campbell Online Elvis' guide to Las Vegas
MaryGail Dufresne Public Relations Practitioners, Activists and the Internet
Mark Gajda Internet shopping: Wave of the future?
Sharmila Gokhale Media in India
Eileen Gonjora Starting a business on the net
Craig Grant Celebrations  Deli Ad
Susan Gross Public relations and the Internet
Michele Huber Using the Internet in the elementary school classroom
Brad Love History of conflict in Northern Ireland
Steve Lovstrom Deceptive net advertising targeted at children
Kevin McDonald Civic journalism in Cyberspace
Joel Miller Aircraft carriers: Four acres of sovereignty
Chris Myles Human genome project
Jessica Neron Should government regulate the Internet?
Jen Passudetti Parental control on the Internet
Jim Pattillo The Internet law primer
Sheri Ridal A tale of two businesses on the Web
Anthony Rudolph Internet gambling
Tassanee K. (Noi) Internet culture
Casey Wohl Farmers on the Internet

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