Student projects

Fall 1997
Rachel Bender Future of online journalism
Lukana Bernal Internet film advertising
Mike Blommel Mustang VIN decoder
Virginia Bracewell The Tudor Monarchy
Aimee Crane The privacy issue
Matt Derechin Listening to the net: Radio online
Mike Dowe The ad game: What works
Michiyo Endo Festivals in Japan
Vijoy Gopalakrishnan Pop music and culture in the 60s
Michael Hosey The microchip vs. elitism
Ting Ting Hu House of coffee
Su Yeon Hwang The secret of Korean food
Marc Kaplan The future of the newspaper
Megan Katovich Gates & Ellison: Battle of the heavyweights
D.K. Kloetzer American archaeology on the web
Xiaoli Liu Kids education on the net
Erlinda Lopez The big four online services
Irene Lui Internet availability in schools
Sara Lyle Online magazines from A to Z
Fredline McCormack World media theories
Karen Meisenheimer Writing for online newspapers
Joe Perez Dangers of the electronic age
Rob Purdy Internet: Boon or detriment?
Jody Radkewich Triathlon for dummies
Courtney Recht College survival guide
Sumita Singh Guide to India
Kathy Sohar The changing nature of community
Trina Steinberg The importance of nutrition
Roshni Elena Tahal UF Black History Month
Tung Szu Ching (Coco) About Taiwan
Amy Verell Guide to cybercafes
Courtney Woolfolk Communications Decency Act
Al Zehner The siege at Khe Sanh

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