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When going by plane, remember to keep some spare pocket change, about $50 per leg of the trip. Even though your board may weigh under five pounds, airlines like to charge the surfer-type for carrying their boards. These charges are as of 2/1/99. (Remember, all charges are one-way only.)

Airline Board
American $50 Free
Continental $75 Free
Delta $50 Free
United $75 Free
US Air $50 Free
AeroMexico Free Free

Before you get stuck read this: Taca, a Belizean Airline, wanted to charge my friend $50 for each leg of a trip to Central America. She wrote "SFBRD PD" in red ink across the top copy of her travel ticket, having the imprint copy to all passes. When the attendant looked at her ticket she didn't charge for the boards.

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One last tip: Always wear your sunscreen.