SURF Seasons

Plenty of Surf in OzWaves around the planet will vary due to winds, monsoons, temperature differences and many things still unknown to man. Generally speaking the winter months, November through February in the Northern Hemisphere and May through August in the Southern Hemisphere, provide the best overall waves: big, glassy, and hollow.

But, depending on the terrain good waves can be expected all year round. For example, Australia's east coast is one crescent shape after another with a large headland in between. Therefore, south-eastern winter offshore winds provide excellent left point and beach breaks while north-western summer onshore winds tend to chop up the waves. Summer surfing in Australia is spent hiding behind protective headlands. This doesn't mean that there are no good waves in summer, it just means you have to look in a different place.

Small Conditions in the Virgin IslandsFinding surf on an exposed island, one that swell can reach from any direction, is exactly the same. Depending on the season, you simply drive to the other side of the island.

The most useful tool in finding good surf, once you know the wind and swell directions, is a good map.

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