Jameson About to  PlummetFor more surf travel info, pictures of surfing, contest results, etc., try these links.

  • Tracks Magazine. Find out what's happening Down Under. Links to the latest ASP contest results.
  • Surfergirl Magazine. Finally, a surf mag dedicated to women. Read about contest info, get good shots of the best surfers, and check out the Aloha Message Board.
  • Surf Sun. This guide will aid in holiday planning in most surf spots around the world. You can even reserve accommodations, buy tickets, and rent cars. Also contains links to guide services.
  • Surfcheck. Check the latest conditions in your area.
  • Surflink. Find links to books and magazines, adventure stories, US Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Center, and more links.

For cold weather surfing, go to these snowboarding links...

  • Snowboarding. Good site for information about boards, riding tips, resorts, weather, etc.
  • Solsnowboarding. This site contains the archives of Snowboarding Magazines best women.
  • Board the World. A good place to start planning your winter vacation. Contains info about resorts, weather, hotels, car rentals, equipment, etc.

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