My Hometown, Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is the most favorite city in Brazil and one of the most beautiful in the world, justifying its title of "the wonderful city". It's a huge modern metropolis, with a population of over 9 million inhabitants. Rio is full of natural beauties: 45 miles of fabulous beaches, like Copacabana and Ipanema, and also green spots, such as 'Floresta da Tijuca', the largest urban forest of the planet. The night life is also intense, with many bars, nightclubs and good restaurants. As any other big city, Rio de Janeiro has its problems: poverty and violence are probably the worst, but the city is also synonymous of happiness and hospitality. So, this is my city: friendly, chaotic, wonderful. I hope you can visit me there sometime. To know more about Rio de Janeiro, click on Rio With Love.

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