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Hi, my name is Carlos Wesley and I am a graduate student at University of Florida, Gainesville. Welcome to my homepage... well, actually this is just a tentative of creating my own website, as a part of the assignments of the Electronic Publishing class. My skills in the Web are still limited, so what you're going to see here is a bunch of pictures and facts about my life, placed in a disordered and obsolete way, definitely not nearly interesting and well-designed as some stuff you've seen in the Internet.

Anyway, let me say a few more words about myself: I'm from Brazil and I've been living in the United States for more than a year now. As I said before, I'm getting my master degree in Communications at UF. In my country, I work as a public relations professional for an educational institution, the Bennett Methodist Institute, in Rio de Janeiro. This year Bennett is celebrating 112 years of existence as one of the most respected and esteemed institutions in Brazil. I also work in a lawyers' organization, as a journalist in charge of its publications. I have a pretty extensive knowledge about the field of Communications: in the last 10 years I'd worked as a reporter in a couple of newspapers and radio stations, as an editor of house organs in important corporations, and as a trainee in a government organization, among other tasks.

I am married for almost six years to a lovely and beautiful woman, Flavia, who is a marketing manager of a jewelry store in Brazil. We have a cute and smart son, Bruno, who has just turned one last December. In spite of being away from family and friends (by the way, I miss my parents and my brother a lot), there's no need to say that we're enjoying the experience of living abroad, especially because of the opportunity to be in touch with so many interesting people and to go to different places.

We live in Melrose Apartments (my wife loves that because it's near Oaks Mall), but on the weekends is more likely to find us in any one of the many parks or restaurants in Gainesville. And when the weather is really awesome, we like to get in the car and make some short trips (after all, Gainesville is less than two hours away from Orlando, St. Augustine, Jacksonville and S. Petersburg).

Thank you for visiting my homepage and feel free to email me at
fcwesley@rocketmail.com or wesleyjr.ufl.edu with any questions or comments.

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