Here is wisdom: let him who hath understanding... no, maybe that kind of wisdom's a little too heavy for this trip. But there are nuggets of truth everywhere, small portions of sooth available to anyone who takes the time to look. Here's a few I've picked up along the way:

(Quotes in the table are all from The King himself, Elvis Presley)

Anything that don't frighten the children is in good taste, far as I'm concerned. I don't like any women who I think might be able to outwrassle me. I like meat well done. Cooked. I ain't orderin' a pet. People say that guns are a virility thing--but some guns are real tiny, man. Just because you look good, don't mean you feel good. Folks always look good in their coffins.
Money is something that people don't mind being woken up in the middle of the night for. Trust your gut. It don't know how to lie. My name's got "evil" and "lives". It's probably better not to wonder too much about it. If your songs don't go a medley of costumes. What's good for the body ain't always good for the tastebuds.
Don't be like nobody else or you'll be livin' a lie, and that ain't livin'. The only thing worse that watching a bad movie is being in one. I'd rather be unconscious than miserable. There's nothin' I respect more than someone who can tell north from south without a compass. I don't know if the death penalty ever stopped anyone from killin', but it stops 'em from killing again.

And wisdom from a few other folks...

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