Gabriela Tamariz


During the summer of 2012, Gabriela backpacked throughout Europe for three weeks with her best friend from college. They visited seven countries exploring cultures, visiting historical locations and experiencing some of the craziest things she's ever done.

They began their trip in London, England. Their short layover left them with little time to explore, but London was the ideal place to begin their adventure.

Next, they hopped on a flight to Rome, Italy. After a couple of days in the capital, they purchased a EuroRail Pass and traveled by train throughout the EU.











Gabriela has been playing music since she was 10. She enjoys playing the guitar, although she wishes she had more time to dedicate to learning new material and writing new material. She also plays blues piano, but oddly enough does not read sheet music.

Some of her favorite artists to play are The Beatles, Cat Stevens and anything that strikes her mind when listening to new music.

Gabriela looks forward to playing more music in the future when she is done with her master's degree. She has always wanted to join a band or begin writing music again.

While she rarely plays the piano anymore, she enjoys playing the piano more than the guitar. Playing the blues is an indescribable feeling and a skill that can be difficult to learn and teach someone.