Gabriela Tamariz


Born and raised in Toronto, Canada Gabriela grew up listening to diverse languages in the large metropolitan city. She is a world traveler, ambitious writer and an aspiring musician.

In 2000, her family immigrated to the United States where Gabriela continued her education.

Her favorite musicians include The Beatles, Otis Redding and The Black Keys.

For three years, she lived in Long Island, New York where she picked up the guitar and learned how to play classic rock and blues rhythms. Gabriela has been writing and composing music since she was 10.

She is a self-proclaimed movie buff and looks forward to the next addicting television series.

In 2003, her family relocated to Daytona Beach where Gabriela accustomed to a small beach town atmosphere over the cold and busy lifestyle in the northeast. Throughout her high school years, she participated in many activities, including the school newspaper and the French club, while also maintaining a part-time job.

In 2005, she pursued blues piano after being introduced to a simple 12-bar shuffle.

Gabriela graduated from the University of Florida in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in mass communication at her alma mater and is excited for the future of journalism.

She loves to write about music, film and television. She speaks English, Spanish and French which has helped her travel the world and discover new places and people.