Sean Schuerman's Resume


Hello and welcome to my website. I'm Sean Schuerman, a senior Journalism student at the University of Florida.

I'm actually doing this website for a class I'm currently taking called Communication on the Internet. This website is one of our assignments in the class. I think it's pretty useful, as you never know when you'll need to know code in your professional life.

Over my time at UF I've done 2 internships, one of which I'm at currently, and have had a variety of experiences in the field. The purpose of this website is to detail that for potential employers.

As for me, I'm an actual born and raised Floridian. We all know how rare those are in this state. I went to a community college back home, in Broward County, before transferring to UF in the fall of 2012 after receiving my associates degree.

So regardless of the reason you're here, have a look around and enjoy!