About me

In high school, I created a photography class at an underprivileged summer camp where I taught the basics of photography to 8-12 year olds. In my junior year I created a library in Presillas, Nicaragua, a small town in the country side where my family is from. I raised funds and books for the library and in the summer of 2010 I was able to visit the town where the library was to be built. Over 4,000 books were donated and $1,200 was raised.


This is me after the library in Presillas, Nicaragua was built and all the books, shelves, couches and tables had been added. The students were to see it the next morning.

Photo Cred: Leah Sanchez

I have worked as a photography intern for:

  • Gainesville Today Magazine
  • Gainesville Today is a glossy monthly magazine where I covered local businesses, health, fitness, financing, real estate, education, sports and things to do in and around the Gainesville area.

  • Home Magazine
  • Home Magazine is a monthly leading lifestyle publication in North Central Florida. Gainesville Fashion Week is a four-day long series of events focusing on fashion, art, music and culture.

  • Gainesville Fashion Week
  • Local and national designers are showcased, as well as boutiques, while providing exposure for businesses and vendors.

    I have also done freelance work for:

  • Independent Florida Alligator
  • The Independent Florida Alligator, a daily student-run newspaper, is where I worked as a photography stringer and covered events on the University of Florida campus and around the Gainesville area.

  • Fine Print
  • The Fine Print is an alternative bimonthly publication and as an enterprise photographer I cover events that highlight political, social and arts coverage through original, local and in-depth reporting.


    This is me in Berlin, Germany summer 2012 on a photojournalism study abroad program.

    Photo Cred: Alex Catalano

    I attended the Berlin Study Abroad photojournalism program in the summer of 2012 where I was able to create a multimedia piece about a subject I met there. I met a rising pop artist and was able to create a multimedia project about him

    I will be interning for:

  • Miami Herald summer 2013
  • The Miami Herald is a daily newspaper based in South Florida, serving Miami-Dade, Brossard County and Monroe County, and circulates throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

    I will be working as a photographer in Nicaragua. I will be writing and photographing stories for the Miami Herald May 2013.

  • Gainesville Sun Fall 2013
  • The Gainesville Sun is a newspaper published daily in Gainesville, Florida covering the North-Central portion of the state.

    I have recently started a blog "People of Gainesville" as a personal project to keep working photographically every day. This blog explores different and interesting people in and around the Gainesville area celebrating the people we have here in this small town.

    I am also an active member and vice-president of the University of Florida local Gator Chapter of the National Press Photographers Association.