Cristi Rabaza

My Famiamily

Most of my family lives down in Miami. They're a crazy bunch, jam packed with a slew of interests and delightful quirks. Here are a few of my favorites (don't tell the others I said that).

Photo of Abuela


These are the coolest, strongest women I know. What I like the most about them is that they know how to make a whole lot of something from nothing. They both fled from the Communist revolution in Cuba when they were just about my age and right smack in the middle of starting a family. How they did it? I can't even imagine. They told me they sewed their way out of it...which explains all the curtains and dresses they have in their garages.

Photo of Mom and Dad


Direct offspring of the above. They're extremely hardworking, which I hope continues to rub off on me. My dad's a surgeon, so he basically lives in pajamas all day. My mom is an electrical engineer and worked with computer chips and circuit boards for a long time. I pick pajamas over circuit boards (sorry mom!).

Photo of Nuna


Best aunt ever. I lived a really long time on this earth thinking that was her actual name, but it's really Maria. She's always been her own boss which is pretty neat to me. She also gives phenomenal advice and collects art like it's her job. When I almost freaked myself out of not going to medical school, she talked me off the ledge. My favorite thing about my aunt is that she shows me you can have it all: the career, the family, and the home life.

Photo of Gus


That's long for Gus. He's the bulldozer to my creative blocks. We recently discovered that being cousins doesn't mean we can't be friends, so we've been hanging out a lot more lately. He's an advertising major down at Florida International University, and he's getting more and more involved in film projects, which is what he wants to do with his life.