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The University of Florida

M.S. in Agricultural Communication

Expected graduation, Dec. 2014

B.S. in Agricultural Education and Communication

Graduated, Dec. 2012

Resume (90 KB PDF)

Personal Statement

I entered the University of Florida’s department of Agricultural Education and Communication as an excited and anxious freshman. At the beginning of my collegiate journey I chose to specialize in agricultural education. However, while studying education and observing high school classrooms, I decided that formal education is not where I want to focus my passion for agriculture.

I changed my specialization to agricultural communication and leadership development in the spring semester of my junior year. My confidence in my decision to change specializations was strengthened by my enthusiasm for my new coursework. I discovered that I enjoy communicating agricultural messages by utilizing visual, verbal and written communication.

I am not an expert in any style of communication, but I enjoy writing articles, speaking to the public, video production and being involved with agriculture through social media. While taking undergraduate courses my eyes have been opened to the vast possibilities of my passion for agricultural communication.

I am graduating with my bachelor’s degree a semester late because I took advantage of an amazing internship opportunity working for Bayer CropScience as a Citrus Scout. I was honored to represent such a distinguished company while gaining priceless experience working in the citrus industry.

Before my employment with Bayer I had never experienced a full-time job. I grew both personally and professionally during my seven month internship. The experience taught me how to communicate with people on many levels of a company. I was given the freedom to be my own boss, which encouraged me to be organized and manage my time. I knew what was expected and I did not want to disappoint the people who relied on me to provide them with timely assessments of their groves. I did everything in my power to keep the lines of communication open between myself, my supervisor, grove managers and production managers.

Interning with Bayer helped to strengthen my confidence in why I want a career in agricultural communication. I discovered during those seven months that my greatest passion is learning about agricultural issues and communicating those issues to the public. I want to help people understand the struggles that the agriculture industry faces every day in order to supply consumers with a safe and secure food supply.

I want to attain my master’s degree in agricultural communication to further develop my understanding and focus my abilities on specific methods of communication. My master’s degree will ensure that I serve the agriculture industry to the best of my ability.

I hope to continue my education at the University of Florida because I believe that we have the best Agricultural Education and Communication department in the United States. Our department can offer me opportunities that I will not find anywhere else. The Center for Public Issues Education, and faculty that sincerely care about students are just two of the reasons that I believe our department stands out above the rest.