Graphic Design

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

DVD Cover

DVD cover featuring three characters from Team Fortress 2

For an assignment in design class, we were tasked with creating a DVD cover for a fictional movie. I decided to double-dip and style my movie after a podcast I sometimes appear on, like a poster. I used a piece of software called Source Filmmaker to take models from the game Team Fortress 2 in order to pose, light, and shoot the scene.

Magazine Cover

Magazine cover featuring a pile of phones

This project was another class assignment. We had to create a magazine cover and including art, a logo, and content refers. I decided to turn, once again, create my own art from scratch. Once I had the idea for the headline “A Game of Phones,” I knew I had to roll with it.

Full-page Ad

Full page magazine ad illustration

In this project, our teacher gave us most of the copy and the images, with the intention of us doing an illustration piece for a full-page ad. I decided to take one of the images and turn it into a silhouette, while adding decoration in the back. I heavily altered a font to give it more of a circus vibe. I also got to use the word “velocipede,” which was my real goal for the project.