Java, C, C++, C#


User Interface for a Java implementation of the board game Battleship

The goal for this project was to design and build a two-player implementation of the board game Battleship in a one week. For my game, I built a windowed user interface, a user-made or random ship placement system, and an AI for one-player games. The AI works by scanning through the board and assigning a “strategic value” to each space based on previous successes and the likelihood a ship could be placed there.

Traders & Traitors

User Interface for an original game about managing and trading goods

Traders & Traitors is a trading simulation game based on the concept of a fluctuating market. The premise is simple enough: Buy goods in one city where they're abundant and sell them in another where they're highly in demand. Big-shot CEOs hardly ever play fair, though. The game has plenty of options for theft, smuggling, and corporate espionage to get a leg up on competing businesses. Or blast them into oblivion.

The game is part of a group project for an object-oriented programming class. The current implementation of the program includes a rich, easy to discover GUI, persistent saving and logging, a server / client model, and an AI for single-player games.