3D Design and Animation

3DS Max, Mudbox, ZBrush, MotionBuilder


Wireframe view of a bulldozer model
  • Bulldozer in color
  • Side wireframe view of the bulldozer
  • Top wireframe view of the bulldozer

One of my personal favorites, this bulldozer model is fully rigged and animated, ready for use in a game engine. When the scoop lifts, the hydraulic pistons follow. When the body is moved or turned, the treads move with it, turning and rotating accurately. The pistons on the engine move about the crankshaft. Even the door on the cockpit can open and close on a set of hinges. The design was made to look like a worn-in piece of equipment, with one hydraulic arm being broken off and repaired with an I-beam and a sprocket.

Sub Standard

Wireframe view of a submarine model
  • Wireframe view of the interior of the submarine
  • Close up of a keyboard in the submarine

This 3D model is the hull and controls for a small submarine, christened the "Sub Standard." It was designed with an emphasis on the model rather than the texture. It was made to be the main form of transportation for a class project. The exterior is complete, but the interior needs more work. In addition to finishing the seats and control panel, the original design calls for floor panels that open up to reveal sunken beds for overnight trips.


Model of a communication wrist band
  • Side view of the wrist band
  • Side view of the wrist band removing its internal components

Another asset for an ongoing class project is this communication device to be worn like a watch. It was made to show a complex texture on a simple shape. It is rigged and animated, with controls for opening the watch up to remove its internal components and for turning the lights along the rim on or off. I designed it to be a bit cartoonish and impractical to make it clear that it is not supposed to be a legitimate phone design.

Character Animation

Close-up wireframe view of a character model
  • Side wireframe view of the character
  • Front wireframe view of the character
  • Color view of the character walking

This model was part of an assignment to design and animate a character for use in a video game. The model was constructed with great attention to edge flow, or the way in which faces and vertices are arranged. Good edge flow means addition detail can be added or removed very easily. The character also has a fully rigged skeleton with IK and FK limbs, as well as rigging for wrist and leg rotation. The walk cycle for this character loops fully and naturally.