I was born in a suburb outside the city of Manchester, being European and having access to so many wonderful places so close to my home I was luckily able to travel extensively but on this page I have highlighted some of the most intresting places that I have visited. ENJOY!

Chamonix-Mont Blanc,France.

I have been involved in sports most of my life, winning High School Letters in four seperate sports;Soccer, Rugby, Cricket and Basketball. Whilst still in school I have been actively involved in Coaching and Refereeing Junior level Lacrosse players.

Malta Harbor.

I made my way to the United States at the age of eighteen. I had been involved in the organized sport of Lacrosse since I was roughly ten years old. After years of hard work and dedication I was offered a scholarship to play the sport I loved in the United States.
I started playing for my local club team of Rochdale and then moved up the ranks to the Senior squads. I have played for my city of Manchester select team and also my county of Lancashire. I imagine in the US that would be called "All State Selection", I attended a Liberal Arts college is Mid-Western North Carolina.
The school was great but a little small for me and it wasn't exactly what I wanted out of my College experience. I then went on here to the University of Florida, which has a men's lacrosse team but not at the NCAA level.

NYC, Times Square.

I started my 'media career' whilst still in High School, I wrote for the High School Newspaper and was part of the Debate Team. When I moved on to Sixth Form I wrote for the Sixth Form Magazine whilst creating radio segments and short video projects regarding the state of the local Soccer teams.

I am an avid Manchester City Football Club fan, along with the Carolina Panthers of the NFL and Florida Panthers NHL Hockey team. I have an older brother who is proudly serving in the Royal Air Force.