Ashira Morris, noun

2. Global traveler and adventurer

Prague skyline
Overlooking the Prague skyline from Petrin Hill.

I got my first taste of international travel the summer before high school. My dad, who is a professor of communication disorders at Florida State University, was teaching summer classes in London and took the family along for the ride. It was a magical month. I fell in love with museums, rose gardens and public transportation. Whatever mythical travel bug flies in the air overseas bit me, hard.

Since that first summer, I’ve been drawn back to Europe many times. I kept a travel blog for some of my trips, including the semester I spent studying abroad in Paris.

In my travels, I have

  • watched the sun rise from the Charles Bridge in Prague
  • explored Communist-era buildings in Sophia
  • stood at the ruins of Tintagel, where King Arthur’s castle is rumored to have been

No matter how many places I explore, there will always be somewhere on my Next Travel Destination list. Currently, I’m eying Bangkok, Casablanca and Buenos Aires.

In the future, I want to write for a publication that sends me around the world. Ideally, I would like to stay in a city for an extended period of time, become part of the community and write about issues that are important to the citizens.