Yet Another Player


I’m a writer, editor, student, and hobbyist with many interests and a knack for translation. For example, in more academic terms, some of my pet topics are video games as a medium, internet subcultures and friendships, and the general effects of science and technology in society (from “tech saturation” to bio-prosthetics).


Translated into how people normally talk, I’m interested in how video games work (both the tech-y bits and the story); how people gather and behave online; and how science and technology are shaping everything from how we work, play, interact, think, and even feel.


It’s can be pretty wild stuff, and I like using my skills to help share the new information people are constantly finding with others.


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I’m a journalism junior at the University of Florida, with an emphasis on editing and science journalism.

Some classes I feel worth mentioning are:


Applied Behavioral Analysis (EAB3764)

Introduction to Physics (PHY2020; now called “Intro Principles of Physics”)

Introduction to Computer and Electrical Engineering (EEL2000)

Science Writing (JOU4930)



Along with my entire family, I practiced ATA-style Tae Kwon Do and karate for five years as a kid. I earned my first-degree black belt in 1996, returning for another year in 2007. We all competed fairly regularly and I was a member of my school’s demo team. I performed on the forms, sparring, and weapons teams.


Today, I practice Krav Maga and kickboxing, though I’m still a rookie in both. I hope to eventually return to practicing with weapons, but no ETA on that.


I also spent seven years volunteering at the Ocala Civic Theatre in Ocala, Fla.


I also volunteered as a teaching assistant in classes for kids from kindergarten to high school-age. I received the 2007-2008 Outstanding Young Volunteer Award from the theatre for continued service to the arts.


I crewed over 40 shows and have experience as a: stage manager, assistant stage manager, light board operator, soundboard operator (non-musical), spotlight operator, spotlight captain, rigger, rigging captain, and stagehand.