My Career Goal is to be a Film Maker

changliu's profileMy name is Chang Liu, I am very interested in film making and new media. My career path is divided into 2 parts. First, after my graduation, I plan to get a job in Nielson Company and work on TV data collection and analysis. After getting enough experience on dealing with audience analysis based on data,
I plan to switch to be a new media data analyst. For my next career path I really want to dedicate myself into independent filmmaking. In particular, to be a documentary filmmaker is my ultimate goal.

My Hobby is Playing Basketball

I really enjoy the teamwork in the basketball games. I take it the most exciting experience to play basketball with my teammates against strong rivals: We simply look into each other's eyes for only seconds to get each other's intention, and then react without hesitation.
We assist each other to attack and score. During this process, the only things we have are trust, courage and cooperation. No selfishness or cowardice is allowed.

I Like Listen to Rock Music

Feng Wang

wang's pic

The Chinese rock singer, Wang, Feng, is one of my favorite stars. The reason is, he is quite a representative of the middle or lower class of Chinese society. Each of his song is sincerely dedicated to the people who suffer, persevere and is faithful. For me, it's quite an impressive experience when I listen to his songs, and by the melodies and the lyrics, I think of the past, summon up the courage and face up the future. Wang is really a fighter of life and fate, and so do I. One of his most famous song is called In Spring , It vividly delineates a middle-aged man's feeling, which is a sense of uncertainty and frustration but still accompanied with hope and courage.