Color blocking to a T

Hi there, my name is Lauren and I love to play (I know that sounds strange, but bear with me for a second). When I say play I mean predominately in the mind ( I know this still seems off but just hang in there for a second). I feel that we live in a time that is driven by passive consumption. The everyday consumer doesn't give much of a second or first thought toward what they encounter on a daily basis, and what they eventually expose themselves too. As a people we have forgotten to think. We have lost the makings of imagination and make believe that were once so prominent. This saddens me, because there so much pleasure that can be found in simply actively participating in what is going on in the world. We dissect the ideas and norms that are thrown at us when we play with those same ideas and norms in our heads- this happens when we play. We mull it over- and that is how it should be. Much like good wine and cheese, truly good things come with time and age. Finding the power in thinking is fun and empowering. In everything we must fight to learn rather than simply acquire a credential.For the sake of formalities I suppose I ought to tell you a bit more about myself specifically. I am currently pursuing my BA in Journalism, but I am a bit unsure of what exactly I'll be doing when I actually get the degree.

All I know for certain is this...

I want to communicate artistically, and within that I hope to encourage people to think actively rather than passively.