A life before Web 2.0
My life before Web 2.0- a life of simplicity.

Welcome to the html hand coded endeavors of an aspiring journalist. By my official title I am University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications student.

The process of trial and error

This is a hand coded webpage that I did for my Communication on the Internet class.Hand coded literally means what it says. There were no platforms involved such as Wordpress, Blogger, or Tumblr. It was created with my hands and those alone. When I originally set out to tackle this project there were many skeptics that questioned if I would be able to accomplish such a large task. I was a part of that group of skeptics. During my time spent in the Web 2.0 era , I have embraced the convergent energy that has become the Internet. When the social media frenzy started I was reluctant to take part, but when alternatives to Facebook appeared such as Tumblr and Instagram I was quickly submerged into the culture. With that submergence came an urgency. An urgency to learn about what I was consuming and participating in. In efforts to avoid passively consuming what was being handed to me via Google Chrome or whatever browser of my choice; I sought out to learn the mechanics of the internet. I wanted to learn what made this giant tick. How did Tumblr know exactly what I wanted to see when I logged in? Why is my Facebook newsfeed eternally cluttered with photos of newborn babies of strangers I feel that I have never met? How does the internet do it? How does it work? What makes t tick? With these question I was egged on to take this class in hopes to find the meaning behind all of the mumbo jumbo that is Web 2.0.