About Me


Working Journalist, Erica A. Hernandez
I was waiting for my European history class to start when I heard that one of my classmates had been stabbed to death in the courtyard of my high school. I immediately switched gears. No longer was I a student in danger. I was a reporter, gathering information for the shocked student body, community and administrators. I refused to leave school early when my mother frantically arrived on campus ready to take my sister and I home and never let us leave the house again. No. I stayed. I reported. Our high school newspaper was faced with the responsibility of covering this tragedy from the inside out. I covered every aspect of the story from how the school handled the crime to how students reacted and rallied together by holding a vigil. Covering the tragedy was the first time in my life I reported off adrenaline. I've been thriving off that feeling ever since. Since then, my journalism experience has only grown.


High School Graduation, May 2011

As a sophomore at the University of Florida my education is my life . Literally I live on campus and I live for my studies. Luckily my class assignments include talking to strangers, learning DSLR photography skills and the secret to search engine optimization. I am happy to be a majoring in journalism with a concentration in reporting. To greater diversify my general knowledge I'm minoring in history and educational studies. Business school may be my next educational endeavor or it might not be.


Erica at the Capitol Building, Washington D.C.

Miami is the best city, though Chicago, Boston, Barcelona, Washington, D.C., Marseille and Sorrento run close seconds. I will one day attend an outdoor music festival, drive across the country, meet the President of the United States, live in India, and much more. I will be living in Utrecht, The Netherlands from August 2013 to January 2014 while studying abroad. During those months I hope to accomplish some of the previously stated goals and add a few more cities to the previously stated lists.