Current Projects

Buddy the Goldfish

I have always had a soft spot for fish. I routinely volunteer with my mother at animal shelters as well as rehabilitate animals through the help of local animal outreach networks in the greater Miami area. That is why I didn’t hesitate to even adopt Buddy, the Goldfish whom is more resilient than I had ever imagined. Picture of Buddy the Goldfish

One of my roommates had won him at a carnival in late October 2012. Originally, she was excited, but upon arriving home, she had decided that a fish was not worth the effort to take care of. I didn't though! Almost immediately I bought him a tank, filter and food. I couldn’t think of a name for the goldfish, so I just called it “my buddy,” which later would simply be shortened to his current name, Buddy. He's a funny little orange standard as he has a lot of digestive problems. Often I have to feed him his pellets with peas or broccoli once a week, otherwise he gets really bloated. Still, I love Buddy and he makes a great college pet.


In my first year at the University of Florida, my Resident Assistant encouraged the girls on my floor to go to the introductory meeting for the fencing club, which she was a part of. My roommate and a few girls from my floor and I decided to try it out, not really sure what to make of it on our way over. But since day one, I was hooked. Of the three weapons, foil, epée and sabre, it was epée that appealed the most to me. The physical demands coupled with the constant mental challenge to out maneuver and execute with a high degree of precision was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

Through my one and a half years of fencing, I have made a tremendous amount of friends, whom I wouldn’t trade for the world, including my boyfriend, a fellow fencer who is the foil coach at Clemson University. Fencing has allowed me to take on leadership roles, such as travel coordination for our team. Fencing has also allowed me to build connections in a variety of fields and walks of life throughout the entire southeast, of which I would not have been able to build without.