About Me

My name is Madison-Lynn and I am a current sophomore undergraduate student at the University of Florida. I am double majoring in Telecommunications and Marine Science with a minor in Art History. Within Telecommunications I am focusing on Media Management, and in Marine Science I am focusing in Ecology and Conservation as well as Fisheries. For my Art History minor I have chosen to concentrate in Baroque art period. Sounds like a mouthful, I know.

Would you believe me if I said I came to UF as a Computer Science student in the engineering college? On my resume you can see that I am able to program in a couple languages. Picture of Madison Haughie I spent much of my time in high school dual-enrolling at Miami Dade College, where I took several programming courses. However sometime halfway through my first semester Java programming class I realized something: I don’t want to sit and code software for the rest of my life. More power to those that do and love it, but I don’t. So I spent the rest of my first year trying to find the right fit for a major (like many, I didn’t know what I wanted out of my academic experience). Somehow I managed to stumble into UF’s College of Journalism office and the rest you could say, was history.

Except not, I mean, I am a double major in Marine Science afterall! Where did that come from? I’ve always loved the ocean, a common trait shared in my family. My father was a Coast Guard Rescue swimmer, and before we settled down in Miami, we lived in a variety of cities along the California and Florida coast. Most of my early childhood memories involve the beach or being on a boat. I came in with enough credits my freshmen year (between AP scores and dual-enrollment credits) that I would need a second major if I wanted to stay a full four years. I emailed the coordinator for the IDS Marine Science in College of Agricultural and Life Sciences and after a very nice discussion and an in-person visit, I decided that it would be a perfect for for me.

So here I am a year later and loving every minute of my time at UF. This website was all hand coded in HTML and CSS without an external aides and was quite a labor of love. I hope you enjoy taking a look around and thanks for visiting!
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