Ashlie Handy

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Hola amigos!

Picture of Ashlie
Ashlie in Snowshoe, West Virginia

Having been raised in the beautiful Miami Beach I can legitimately call myself a beach bum. Most days I walk around without shoes and don’t even own a brush. I was born on the west coast of Florida in a city called Marco Island- sounds exotic huh? My parents ran a watersports rental business where they handled anything from jet-skis to fishing tours. My papa was the captain of the charters and my mom was the brains of the operation. According to my mom’s long-winded, often told and repeated stories, I was brought to their “job” when I was only a week old and learned how to swim in the ocean before I could walk.

Picture of Girls
Left to right: Lindsay, Tiffany and Ashlie

I have always loved the beach and can consider it a second home. Shortly after moving to Miami Beach I was joined by my best friends and partners in crime, my siblings; Tiffany, Lindsay and Hunter. Life was never boring with these kids by my side. Our childhood consisted of all-night talent shows, movie-making, scavenger hunts, and painting our little brothers nails every color under the sun-mostly pink.

Picture of Hunter
Hunter after we forced him
into a bra

Since graduating in 2008 I took two-years off, moved to Boston for a little, worked as a pool-side attendant at a hotel in South Beach, began a promotional modeling career and really didn’t do anything I didn’t want to. After meeting my now boyfriend one summer in Miami Beach, I was dragged up to Gainesville and pushed into Santa Fe College. I never thought I would see the day- but I graduated Santa Fe and here I am today at the University of Florida studying to become a broadcast journalist. Life really works in mysterious ways.