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It’s weird, I hate being in places for a long time; I just get bored easily. I love exploring what I do not know and adventures are my life. The weird part is that I am deathly afraid of flying. I hate being in a plane, I hate being in an airport, I even hate seeing a plane pass over my head- it’s a problem.

However, I have never let my fear of flying stop me from seeing and experiencing new places. Here are a few of the places I have visited! I sort of learned the hard way that six hours is my limit for what I can currently tolerate as far as air time goes, so while I have not been to other countries yet, I have been to some pretty cool places!

Picture of Mt.Rainier
View from my plane of Mt.Rainier

This is a photo I took while flying from Tampa, Florida to Seattle, Washington. This is Mt.Rainier- it is the highest mountain in Washington and the Cascade Range. I actually started freaking out when the pilot decided to get as close as freaking possible to the darn thing-but I did get an amazing picture out of it. Mount Rainier has a topographic prominence of 13,211 ft. By far this was the most memorable part of my flight. I can say that I saw the top of the tallet mountain in Washington.

Picture of me on an island
Me and my boyfriend on a deserted island

This is me and my boyfriend, Doug, on a deserted island that we found off Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach. While it is not a "far-away" land for us Floridians- it is a place only seen in magazines for people from Idaho. In Miami, with a small boat or even a jet-ski anyone can find a beautiful hide-away like this in our own backyard. On a typical day out on the water boaters can experiance anything from dolphin visits to close encounters with manatees. The amount of wild sea-life that goes on underneath us is truly unbelievable.

Picture of Alaska
Me in a Canoe heading for a glacier

This is picture that I took while on a trip in Alaska. This is a canoeing expidition I took out of Ketchikan where we got to paddle out to a glacier. I even saw a brown bear climb down from behind the glacier and fish for salmon right in front of me. The trip was led by a bunch of hippies who live on a deserted island for half of the year. They have to have all supplies delivered to them via boat and a trip to the store would take about 3 hours round-trip. If you forgot something- better luck next time.