Laura's Hobbies

Dressage: My Favorite Hobby

For as long as I can remember, I have held an interest in the horse world. As a child, we would visit my family in Lexington, Ky and I would be in awe of the majestic farms and horses that surrounded us. At the age of 5, I began taking horseback riding lessons and my obsession only progressed. I have been competing in the sport of dressage for the last ten years. I currently hold the USDF bronze and silver medal and am continuing to ride for fun during my free time while I am finishing my master's degree.


Fishing: My second Favorite Hobby

My second favorite hobby is offshore fishing. I grew up near the water and have enjoyed being on the water and trolling for sport fish. We normally troll for mahi-mahi and then will try for bill fish, like sailfish or marlin, if they are seen near you. This year, my family will be taking a trip to Costa Rica and staying at a Sport-fishing Resort on the Pacific Coast. I am looking forward to the different species of fish that we will catch and the culture that we will experience.