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Profile of Franklyn Francois
Franklyn Francois


I grew up as the fifth and final child to immigrant parents from Haiti. Growing up, my parents really pushed the idea of performing well in school. Fortunately, I had some really great teachers who really encouraged me to be a good student and I like to accredit my success in grade school to them. I also found out that I enjoyed the fine arts such as drawing/painting and writing. These interests really helped me foster my creative side. One of my first book purchases was How to Draw Manga because I was infatuated with anime like most young boys my age at the time. I wrote my first story when I was in middle school, drawing influences from iconic children's shows like Power Rangers and Sailor Moon. Middle school was when I really identified with my creativity. I began drawing more (substituting recess to join the Art Club), I became fond of writing short pieces (especially poems), and I also joined an afterschool choir and a multicultural dance group where I learned everything from Hip Hop to Salsa to Native American tribal dances. High school is where I began to flourish in my social skills. Speech and debate were my favorite classes, plus it didn't hurt to be involved in student government. One of my most memorable moments was speaking to a crowd of 200+ adults about the school and what students could accomplish if they applied themselves.

Here and Now

I am a third year Telecommunications major in the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida with a focus on Media and Society. After pursuing engineering for two years in college I decided to switch into the major I was born to be in...Telecommunications. Since switching over I have had some experience in social media marketing through a Summer 2012 internship with a Gainesville real estate company. I have also dabbled in radio for a bit and look to possibly work with a TV station or program in the near future. Being that social media is still a fairly new medium I try to make a concious effort to stay on top of social media news and events. After graduation, I look to find a job in the the field that will probably include some form of social media management, marketing and brand development.

Social Media Advocacy

I broke onto the social media scene starting with Myspace in 2007. At first it was just a social media platform for me to connect with friends, but then it became something much more. Eventually I found myself altering profiles for my friends by tweaking their html coding and doing some basic photo editing. Almost immediately soon after I had a Facebook and Twitter. Facebook had a cool appeal to it because it was marketed as a site that was only for college students but slowly began to open the site up to more people. Twitter wasn't something I used right away. I became a normal user in 2010 and love the way the microblog has simplified communication. I feel it's imporatant to be as informed as possible on social media, because the next new app is proabably in development now and it potentionally has features that make jobs easier.