I have an age-inappropriate obsession with Winnie-the-Pooh. I know the lyrics to every Taylor Swift song, including those that haven’t been released. I quote "How I Met Your Mother" in daily conversation like it's completely normal. And I spend most of my day in a newsroom, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Since the fifth grade, I have dedicated myself to learn as much about journalism as possible, and then keep learning. I have kept in contact with Lane DeGregory, a Pulitzer Prize- winning journalist, since I was 12, as I knew from an early age that connections and networking would be invaluable to me in the future. I think, above my internships and leadership experience, my drive to be the best is what makes me a strong candidate to work at your company.

At the University of Florida, I worked as a freelance reporter for the Tampa Bay Times and the Independent Florida Alligator, the largest student-run newspaper in the country. I wrote everything from business features on new social media websites to previews for plays at the local theater to articles on how Barbie dolls affect body image. As a reporting intern at the Gainesville Sun, I wrote features on not-for-profit companies serving children in the community suffering from autism, student reactions to racist videos and coverage of county spelling bees. Over the summer, I served as a reporting intern for both Creative Loafing Tampa and the Palm Harbor Beacon, spending three months covering sheriff candidate debates, County Commission meetings and School Board meetings. Through my journalism classes, I have gained knowledge of public records searches, audio/video editing and design. Everything I do is to better my chances at succeeding in journalism. And while I haven’t enjoyed every story I’ve ever written, I know that each one has taught me something about journalism, my community or even myself.

I am dedicated and motivated, resourceful and ambitious, outgoing and organized. And I want to be a journalist more than anything. I was taught to read at age 3 using the newspaper, and this profession has been my dream ever since. Everyone who has ever known me, even for the slightest period of time, has recognized my drive to succeed in journalism.

Still curious? Download my resume here. You can also download my full portfolio, including my favorite articles, here.