Samantha Doucette


Samantha Doucette

As an aspiring journalist, I've tried to use the Internet and web as much to my advantage as possible. There are so many new tools that a reporter can use to make his or her job easier. Blogs have been an amazing way for me to express myself outside of school and work. I currently write for three separate blogs.

Bionic Beatlab

The first blog I started is a music blog that I began with in 2009 with a couple of friends. It features reviews of albums, concerts and festivals, previews of upcoming events, interviews with national and international musicians, free and legal downloads and contests we arrange with local promotion companies to give away free stuff.

Alligator Blogs

I have been writing weekly for the music section of The Independent Florida Alligator blogs since the fall of 2012.

Samantha Doucette's Personal Blog

I started this blog for a class in the fall of 2012. I like to post my writing clips and the interviews I've conducted here.