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Hello, my name is Shirley De Leon. I've got a passion for pop--pop culture, that is. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Florida. I am currently a junior studying journalism. With this website, I hope to attract entertainment news magazines and entertainment news blogs and to land an internship or a job as a writer for such publications.

Born in Manhattan, NY, I originally dreamed of becoming a pediatrician, but my love for watching TV news and for reporting the news to any one who passed me by took over. One of my earliest and most memorable news stories that I "covered" is the 2000 election. As a third-grade self-proclaimed political news correspondent, I would ask my classmates "Bush or Gore, and why?" I tuned in to the debates as if my 12-year-old self could vote.

Over the years, however, my love for pop culture exceeded that for politics, and with the emergence of social media, my desire to write for a celebrity magazine or blog has only grown stronger. I plan to continue developing skills in multiple areas of journalism, including video editing, photography and social media. Journalism is and will never die as long as people crave and seek stories. Let's embrace the new, high tech journalism of today.