Rachel Crosby

I’m a journalist because I love to learn. From wearing a bodysuit around bees to attending my first bike polo match, I’m constantly experiencing new things in worlds that would otherwise be foreign to me. The spontaneity keeps me passionate, and my drive keeps me going.

I grew up in Las Vegas and am currently a journalism sophomore at the University of Florida. As an 18-year-old, the move was difficult. My family was far away and I knew no one at my school, but it’s risks like that that define me.

I was published before I had friends, which as a freshman gave me the confidence I needed to make many. I started experimenting with photography, which quickly grew into a passion and pastime.

This semester I’m lucky enough to be extremely involved. I’m a full-time student working 30 hours a week to provide for myself and hopefully offset those wonderful student loans. But when I’m not working, in school or studying for it, I’m contributing to the Independent Florida Alligator, Her Campus, WUFT.org and the Gainesville Sun. I’m writing. I’m photographing. I’m experiencing what Gainesville has to offer and sharing it in my own way.

This summer, I am seeking an internship at a midsize to large news organization. Being a freelancer has fed my independent spirit but I’m excited to be a part of a newsroom — to work on a team and to gain professional work experience.

Aside from being a student journalist, I’m one of the most sarcastic women you’ll ever meet. Long, honest laughs are important to me. So are home-cooked meals, good friends and the Gators.

For questions, comments or any further information, email me at rachelcrosby77@gmail.com.. Thank you.